Try this holiday! Enjoy Asakusa! [Oliven’s walk comes up]


Cormorant ~, Hello! This is Oliven!

It’s getting a lot cooler, how are you guys spending?
Olivon was withdrawing to the Lord after a series of holidays
When you turn on the air conditioner, it’s hot when you put out the cold!
Exhausted from the fine adjustment analysis of the temperature, a comfortable breeze without air conditioning is available when the window is opened!
I’m still spending a lot of time in normal driving as usual ~
It’s such a subtle season, but now it’s a holiday season!
So this time I’ve been walking around Asakusa ~
Asakusa is a super tourist destination.
Even if you just google a little, there is information such as “This is recommended!”
I think Wansaka will come out.

Olivon visits Asakusa about twice a year.
After somehow going, somehow the classic walk course was made ~


Access to Asakusa Station (Senso-ji)

・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (subway)
・ Toei Asakusa Line (subway)
・ Eastern Isesaki Line (private railway)

Olivon who lives in the Shonan region
On the Odakyu Line Yoyogi Uehara → Chiyoda Line Omotesando → Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa!
There are various ways to go, so please try searching for the transfer guide ~
When you get to Asakusa on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, aim for Exit 6.

Going to the direction of Exit 6, the scene of increasing tension is spreading.
Izakaya with a retro feeling of Showa is lined up.

Don’t think “What? From daytime …”! Lol
Naturally, Olivon is going to drink during the day!

“Kore, are you really walking towards Sensoji?Pass the barber shop full of service spirit …

Sake from all over Japan is displayed and fashionable! Nevertheless
Passing through the BAR that has been mocked by the name of the store …

I got on the ground!
Remember this entrance properly and go to Saosanpo!

Let’s eat! Let’s drink! Enjoy Asakusa gourmet ~

Come on, it ’s a hard day!
There are various Asakusa gourmets ~
There are a lot of old-fashioned Western restaurants, eels and tengu restaurantsThis is also a classic! Monjayaki ~

It is said that the place where Monjayaki originated is near here, Asakusa.
That’s why there are so many Monjayaki shops!

Among them, I went to the famous long-established store, Kichichi.

Asakusa Monja Mokichi

浅草もんじゃ もきち (浅草(つくばEXP)/もんじゃ焼き)
★★★☆☆3.37 ■明治四年創業の築地魚河岸直営。 ■予算(夜):¥3,000~¥3,999

Dashi is taken from 8 kinds of seafood and chicken gulls and has a great taste.
All the seafood is purchased every morning from Tsukiji, Toyosu,
The recommended restaurant is the signboard Menta Mochi cheese and seasonal seafood dishes.

A bottled beer that you ordered! ! ! ! !

Okonomiyaki of pork balls!

What an art! It ’s about 3 centimeters thick ~
When you put it in your mouth, the taste of seafood explodes!
And the fluffy dough will melt away ~

What is the okonomiyaki you’ve ever cooked and eaten at your store? ?
I regret not having met early …
The real thing is this! It is a dish that you can feel.

But when you go to the okonomiyaki you can make next timeI’m going to try to make it

And … I went to Asakusa to eat this!

Menta Cream Monja (with cheese topping)! ! !

The clerk will bake at the speed of light!

Do not blink!
Drop all ingredients except cream sauce!
Instantly make a bank and put in cream sauce!
Just chop the ingredients with a spatula, add cheese and wait for it to bake!

The process is completely different from when you make it yourself.

And to the legend …

Masoo ’s quote will come out!

Delicious delicious! ! !

The flavor of seafood, the sweetness of cabbage, and the thickness of menta cheese and cream are mixed in the mouth.
That’s Rio’s Carnival! !

cream? Isn’t it an evil road? ! You will think www!
No, it ’s a dish you should try!
Sightseeing while eating!
Let ’s walk!

Now the 8th minute! That’s all it used to be!
But here is Asakusa!
Let’s continue drinking alcohol ~

Arrived on Hoppy Street!

This day was Sunday, and afternoon!
There is also a JRA out-of-field ticket office nearby, and there is a horse on the TV in every store.
Let ’s have a drink ~

What do you drink? This will be!

It ’s an electric bran ~

Speaking of Asakusa is Denki Brand Brandy ~
Asakusa seems to be the birthplace of Japanese brandy ~

This day was still planned for the night, so I ordered “Electric Blanc Heaven”.There is also the opposite hell (very dark w) ~

It ’s a full cup!
My friend M-kun has been called to heaven, so it’s over.

Exit Hoppy Street toward Sensoji Temple

Eat buns

If you would normally enter in seconds, the building that sighs euphoria is through today …

Take a bath!

I’ll take a bath! ! ! ! !
In addition, the friend of this photograph seems to have lost the pain in the right shoulder like a lie after taking the smoke.
Smoke effect should be slow!

Pull your fortune and walk!

Let’s walk while commenting persistently in a unique shop

And eat rice crackers!
It’s not in the picture, but I’ll eat some soup on a wet rice cracker and I’m full!

It was fun!

It was very crowded on Sundays, but it was a very fulfilling walk!
I will go there again if I want to eat delicious monja!

Why don’t you take a walk on your next holiday? ?

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